Kicko 11.25” Dino Remote Racing Car – 1 Piece of 4×4 Plastic Red Hot Wheels Pick-up Safari Car- Dinosaur-Themed Monster Truck- Educational Gift Idea for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kids

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TAKE THE (REMOTE) WHEEL AND DRIVE – This cool little ride is radio receiver equipped for easy maneuvering, racing, and even stunts.

BUILT FOR PERFORMANCE AND RANGE – Drive outdoors, indoors, or off-road with this fast, all-electric radio remote controlled vehicle.

DRIVE SOLO OR RACE WITH FRIENDS – Great for entry-level model car collectors, girls and boys who love STEM-oriented toys, or anyone who enjoys a little fun, competitive backyard racing.

SAFE FOR BEGINNERS – Equipment and battery set is safe for kids to play with as a toy.

START YOUR ENGINE NOW – Kit includes 1 remote-controlled, red, dino escape truck.

ADD THIS TO YOUR CART TODAY – Watch your kids pretend they are a paleontologist from their favorite movie and race their new truck out of the jungle to escape the jaws of the mighty T-Rex!

DINOSAUR EXPEDITION: This pack includes one red-colored vehicle made from plastic materials. Includes a remote control. Requires 6 AAA batteries. Batteries not included. A unique game prize or giveaway for kiddos!
ACCELERATE IMAGINATION: Children come across vehicles regularly in their daily lives, so they like to have them in their imaginary play, too. Playing with toy trucks allows children to exercise their creativity and helps them make sense of the world around them.
SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN: This four-wheeled monster truck vehicle allows kids to have fun while they develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by controlling the car’s route and track making sure it won’t bump into walls or furniture.
DEVELOP SKILLS: Wheeled toys are great for encouraging movement, as children wheel their toys around the room. Perfect for infants who are on the way to crawling, as it will give them a fun reason to move. Movement helps develop their coordination, balance and gross motor skills.
LEARNING BUDDY: Vroom! Toy vehicles can be played with independently, but children also love to race each other! This encourages children to share and negotiate (for example, deciding who gets the special red car) and lets them learn about friendly competition.