Gresdent 28Pcs Children ‘s Tools Toy Sets Repair Tool Gifts For Boys Girls Children Adjustable Ruler Wrench

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28 pieces construction toy tool set, including , three hammers, a wrench, a power drill, two rulers. two channel lock pliers, a vice clamp, an adjustable wrench, saw and so on.The kit contains a variety of tools and tools to match the parts. Diversity encourages the baby to explore.
Baby in the use of toys when you need to use the precise eyes, delicate hand movements. So as to exercise hand-eye coordination.
Rich tool type, enough baby to play, give full play to the baby’s imagination and creativity.
Specially designed for children this simulation tool toys, fully meet the child’s curiosity, let the children enjoy the fun.
The toy contains small parts. Be careful of the child swallowing. Suitable for children over three years of age when they are accompanied by an adult.